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Our History

Ryan Fabian: Owner, DJ, Event Specialist

     It all started when I offered to provide the music at a friends wedding reception. During that wedding I quickly realized I really enjoyed playing music for a crowd and being in charge of setting the mood.  As far back as I can remember, my wife and I have thrown parties for any occasion we could find.  Between my love of parties and love for music, it only seemed fitting that I follow my passion to entertain.  I had the luck of running an event/party company for several years which helped to fine tune my event coordination skills and allowed me to find new venues to perform music. 

Travis Urton: DJ, Lighting & Event Specialist

     Joining the Tah-Dah team in early 2012 Travis has taken the reins for our light show production and obtaining his FCC laser production license.  Travis has been an audio head since we met over 15 years ago and is bringing a new rock/reggae twist to our remix sets.

Why Choose Tah-Dah Productions?

     It's really not that complicated,  we work for you.  I know it sounds really simple and pretty much like a duh kind of statement, but you would be suprised how often this does not happen.  Tah-Dah Productions main goal is to make the customer happy.  When it comes to music, we don't play what ever kind of music makes us happy, we play what the customer wants to hear.  Tah-Dah gets involved with the planning process start to finish and helps to create a timeline for you ensuring your event runs as smooth as possible.  Every event is treated with the same attention to detail.  Whether if it's a wedding for 500 or a birthday party for 40 we want your guests to walk away saying WOW. 

     Now lets talk about equipment.  Tah-Dah Productions is constantly upgrading and adding to our inventory. 2013 has brought many new toys to our arsenal of entertainment from vendors such as X-Laser, ADJ, Chauvet, Electro Voice, Rane & Shure...just to name a few. Tah-Dah uses top of the line equipment to ensure quality use after use after use. Like many things in life you get what you pay for and that  is just as true when it comes to audio equipment and lighting fixtures.

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